S4Pro is built around 8 objectives, where Objectives 1-4 address hardware aspects and objectives 5-8 covering system software and mission-related algorithms, as well as their processing.

Objective 1 massive data transmission

Massive data transmission at Low Power will strongly benefit increasing EO and SATCOM mission demands (for small satellite platforms), constantly requiring the transmission of larger amounts of data within the satellite power constraints.

Objective 2 Miniaturisation

Miniaturization of HW modules within the processing chain by using advanced highly integrated chip platforms and by reducing the number of interfaces and using standard physical interfaces. S4Pro will adopt different standards for PCB sizes for HW sizing in order to provide an easy scalability of the system.

Objective 3 HW performance

Increase performance of HW processors by demonstrating of the possibilities of high-performance payload-processing systems through the system design and implementation of heterogeneous space qualifiable processors.

Objective 4 data access

Enhance data access to on-board mass storage by implementing a storage technology independent architecture with high speed data rates (>10 Gbit/s), to support high instrument and downlink data rates as well as high speed access.


Objective 5 SAR data filtering, decimation and compression

Demonstrate near real-time, sensor-specific, joint on-board SAR data filtering, decimation and compression in order to significantly reduce data volume for downlink required for upcoming High-Resolution Wide-Swath (HRWS) SAR missions.


objective 6 data reduction

Reduce the amount of data to be transferred by optimising data-compression through the implementation of compression algorithms thus generating information that can be easily downlinked to ground as final products.

objective 7 time to market

Design of management SW to improve time-to market through the re-usability of standardised processing chain elements and by increasing the productivity of application SW development through the use of self-optimising SW libraries.

objective 8 application SW

Improving performance of application SW through creation of self-optimising libraries

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