Smart and Scalable Satellite High-Speed Processing chain


7 partners from 4 different countries


36 months and 8 ambitious objectives

The S4PRO Project

Smart and Scalable Satellite High-Speed Processing chain (S4Pro) is a 3-year H2020 project coordinated by iTUBS that started 1st November 2018. Its consortium gathers 7 partners from 3 European countries and one from an associated country (Tunisia). The global budget is of 2.6M€.

Over the last decades the number of satellites in orbit has been constantly growing and the spacecraft payload complexity and demand continuously increased. Today, satellites provide close to full Earth coverage and produce a significant amount of data that needs to be downlinked to Earth for processing.

S4PRO what for


S4Pro will design and implement enabling technology for high-end data products produced on-board spacecraft by implementing a power efficient high-performance space processing chain designed for low-Earth orbit (LEO) missions with a focus on Earth observation and satellite communication systems.

S4Pro will further improve the performance of image product generation, including final image product generation (e.g. for SAR). S4Pro sets its clear focus on miniaturization and improving of inherent system scalability with various parameters such as processing performance, size, power-consumption, storage capacity etc., as a major project objective.

Budget in M€


Duration (in Months)

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