Concept and methodology


S4Pro will implement a smart and scalable high-performance space processing chain designed for missions with main focus on Earth observation systems.

As the processing chain S4Pro understands the entire chain for data processing that starts right after the instruments electronic module (sensors) and ends with the processing in the ground station or at other end-points (such as e.g. aerial vehicles). S4Pro will research and innovate a coherent part of this described chain with special attention to on-board processing as the widely believed most critical key-enabling technology for improvements in the entire chain. Next generation on-board processing that will substitute significant parts of previous ground processing in the future bares many challenges such as to:

Advance and to embed standardized communication mechanisms such as multi-node/large network capable mechanisms, e.g. DDS for real-time communication

Improve reliability for systems partly implemented on non-space qualified technology while achieving high performance and power efficiency (in order to reduce costs especially for commercial and small systems)

Handle the processing of complex algorithms (that also might be subject to future changes based on mission design)

Improve payload processing performance, especially for mixed criticality tasks.

Enable high-speed and flexible communication processing (wide-band SDR and transceiver)

Develop re-configurable high-data-rate links to ground stations, other satellites, or aerial vehicles

Miniaturize processing systems to drive wider employment in nano- and other small satellites

Increase scalability of the on-board processing system

Develop smart algorithms for efficient on-board image compression or final image product generation, such as for high-data-rate imaging

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